Brand New Terrain Designed for Warhammer 40k 9th Edition


The Competitive Terrain you’ve always wanted

All Buildings/Ruins have Bases – No more guessing if you’re in cover or not

6 Ruins over 5″ high blocking line of sight all with 2nd floors

2 Shorter Ruins providing limited cover

Everything comes fully painted. Minor assembly required due to shipping (see pictures)

Pick your Building Colors

Headquarters Sector


1 Extra large building with 2 statues and 2nd floor

Inquisition Sector


1 Extra large building with a 2nd floor

Military Sector


1 Large Bunker and 1 Large Tower, both with second floors

Industrial Sector


2 Large Factories, both with 2nd floors

Smaller Ruins


2 Smaller ruins

Overhead View


Shown on a 44″ x 60″  (Strikeforce 2,000pt) board.

Marked in quadrants to show sample layout. 


*Board not included

Regular Price: $585 + shipping

Special Launch Price


Assembly Instructions HERE

To Place an order contact me

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