This weekend I had the pleasure of playing in the Crozius GT and meeting the Field of Fire Gaming crew. The GT was nothing but spot on and one of the best events I’ve ever attended. Everything was organized and ran smoothly. we even finished early on the last day! The terrain was functional and decorative, a hard balance to find. But the biggest thing was the prize support was so deep that every one of the 38 players got to pick from something.

When the top Player Kevin Roach’s name was called out to pick a prize there was no hesitation in what he wanted as he spoke loudly and clearly…….

“I’ll take the Battle Board!”



After the event I was thrilled to find out from the players that the top 4-8 players all competing to win were all eyeing the same prize, the “Underground Factory” Battle Board that I had sponsored the event with! 

Dean putting the Field of Fire Gaming logo on the “Underground Factory” Battle Board

Interested in a Battle Board Display for your army?

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