Custom Display Boards

“Realm of Death”

“Angel’s Fall”

“Infernal Chaos”

Slightly Modify One of the Pre-Designed Boards or Create a Completely New One!

Custom display boards in any size!
    – 24″ x 18″
    – 24″ x 14″ to fit in those rolling carts
    – Kill Team Boards
    – 24″ x 24″
    – Any size you need (as long as it fits in the car!)

Any Terrain you want
   – Games Workshop kits
   – 3rd party kits
   – Scratch built terrain
   – Not sure….check out our Display Boards for ideas!

Anything from quick and easy to full blown over the top projects!

To view complete projects click on pictures

How it Works

Free Estimate

  • Send me an email with your contact phone number & general theme.
    “Looking for a 2′ x 2′ board for my 40k AdMech Army”
  • I’ll contact you back via email and set up a time to discuss your project
  • We’ll go over the details of what you’re looking for in a “Battle Board”.
  • I’ll get back to you in a few days with your pricing and availability. The pricing will include a design fee.
  • If everything sounds good you will pay the design fee and move onto the next stage.

Design Stage

  • You will be presented with a rough layout of your “Battle Board”.
  • If I need to make some minor tweaks absolutely. I ask enough questions up front to avoid designing the wrong thing entirely.
  • Once you’ve approved the design I will collect 50% of the balance due on the “Battle Board” and get you in the project que.

Build Stage

  • I will keep you informed as to when we start your project and our progress. Hopefully even some pictures as it comes together!
  • Once it is completed I will send several pictures to make sure you are happy with it.
  •  After it’s 100% we’ll move to shipping.

Shipping Stage

  • We’ll most likely have discussed this already but at this point we will solidify all the details.
  • Shipping is NOT INCLUDED in your “Battle Board”.
  • I travel full time around the country and attend a decent amount of larger Tournaments and Conventions.

Shipping Options 

  • Meet up at a Tournament / Convention and save money on shipping
  • Ship it Fed-ex / UPS / etc


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