Custom Display Boards

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“Secrets of the Imperium”

“Infernal Chaos”

“No Mercy”

“Angel’s Fall”


40k display board

“Underground Factory”

40k Display Board


40k Display Boards

“Chaos Unleashed”

40k display board

“Heart of the Lion”

40k Display Boards

“Commanding View”

40K Display Board

“Industrial Complex”

Slightly modify one of the above boards or create a completely new one!

Custom display boards in any size!
   30″ x 22″ (1/4 of a 9th edition Table)
   24″ x 24″ (Standard)
   24″ x 18″ (Travel Size)

Any Terrain you want
   – Games Workshop kits
   – 3rd party kits
   – Scratch built terrain
   – Not sure….check out our Display Boards for ideas!

Anything from quick and easy to full blown over the top projects!

How it Works


Just contact me via email or FB messenger and we will set up a time to discuss your project for FREE.

Then I’ll give you a FREE QUOTE on an amazing board fro your 40k Army

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