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9th Edition Pre-Sale

Warhammer 40k 9th Edition is ALMOST HERE! 15% OFF SPECIAL Only 5 Battle Boards Available at this Price Choose from a Themed, Travel or Custom Display Board in any size.  Contact me at lee@battleboardstudios.com or on Facebook to get your Battle Board Started Shop...

How to Build a Battle Board

Hey Everyone! In this video I walk through the building process from A-Z.How “We” plan “YOUR” custom Battle Board and then how I actually build a Battle Board showing tips and...

Heart of the Lion Custom Display Board

This week I finished up a brand new travel board for Joshua Pruitt in South Carolina. This was designed to match his 40k Custodes Army.  This board is like my other travel boards, durable & designed to provide lots of model space at 24″ wide and 18″...

New Travel Boards

  With 40k Growing and tournaments all over the country I’ve had requests for Display Boards that can hold up to airline travel! Those requests have been answered in this new line.  Combine a Theme with some custom work at a reduced cost! WIN – WIN –...

Battle Boards is Top Pick at Crozius GT

This weekend I had the pleasure of playing in the Crozius GT and meeting the Field of Fire Gaming crew. The GT was nothing but spot on and one of the best events I’ve ever attended. Everything was organized and ran smoothly. we even finished early on the last...


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