“City Under Siege”

Whether you’re liberating an allied city from the invading Xenos or stuck in the middle of the Heresy of Istvann V this display board will show off your army like never before!

24″ x 18″ deep

What’s Included


Everything except models for size comparison, dice and chess clock.

Yes even the canal debris is included!

Pick colors for buildings, stone work and bridge

Choose ground covering color to match your army.

This board is perfect for:

  • Marines, Chaos & Imperial
  • Custodes
  • Sisters
  • Grey Knights
  • Any army protecting or invading a city


If you like this design but want more room I can move debris (or leave it loose for you to place) or I can make this into a larger sized board to custom fit your army





+ Shipping

  • There is limited sponsorship available on this board


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