Gaming Table & Awesome Display


Matched Play, Crusade & Custom Boards


Available in 3 Sizes

– Kill Team (30″x22″)

– Incursion (30″x44″)

– Strike-force (60″x44″)


Expandable from one size to another


Interchangeable boards to create new and different tables



40k 9th edition incursion board

The Above Narrative Table is an example of the new 40k 9th Edition Incursion (1,000 pt) sized gaming table.  a Strikeforce sized table (2,000 pts) would be double this size.

40k 9th edition Table

Custom Matched Play Incursion Board with a Twist (and of course 2 Display Boards)

This Matched play Board is pretty balance from side to side with the “Twist” being a raised platform with hidden compartment on the right side.

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