This 40k Display board is sure to draw a ton of attention with the commanding Stronghold your army defends. The gate door is removable and you can layout the defense barriers, tank traps, barrels and craters how ever you like. The Stronghold is removable in case you want to use it in your games……and it ships easier not attached.



What’s Included:

  • Board 24″ x 18″ deep
  • Palace Towers x 2
  • Palace Wall
  • Palace Gate
  • Defense “L” Barriers x 2
  • Tank Traps x 3
  • Barrels intact x 4 
  • Barrels pieces x 2 
  • Craters x 3 
  • Tangle wire 
  • Stakes for tangle wire x 6

This Board works great for a variety 40k armies such as:

  • Custodes
  • Space Marines
  • Imperial Guard
  • Chaos Space Marines
  • Knights
  • Any Army worth defending this Stronghold

This Board is only available in 18″ deep

BONUS: Select 2 (or 1 of each) Aquila or Cog pieces to add to your board

How it Works

24″ x 18″ Board


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