Travel Display Boards

These Travel Display Boards will still turn heads and get lots of attention but they’re built much tougher than my original boards. They are designed to go in a checked bag and fly to your next tournament.  Of course they can just be used locally as well. Its the best of both worlds!




Lower Profile

Sturdier Construction

What’s available?

These boards are the blend of a themed and custom board.  You still can choose a theme they will just be constructed to a lower profile and be built to be more durable.  This means I can’t include tall pieces or ornate foam work that could get damaged.  If you’re looking for something like that, NO PROBLEM. I can still build you a board it will just be a little bigger! 

Examples of what can be done with Travel Boards

Industrial Complex

Commanding View

Heart of the Lion

Unknown Lands



Travel Boards range in Price from $200-$300 depending on exact layout

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Contact Information

Lee Harris


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