Build Your Own Battle Board


Hate Reading? Watch the video!

Create Your Own Amazing Display

Multiple Displays in ONE

Airplane Travel Capable

Full Size

24″ Wide / 22″ Deep
Holds more dope ass models

Travel Size

24″ Wide / 18″ deep
Fits in standard medium/large suitcases

The Box of Holding

It’s like a bag of holding…..but square.

  • Constructed of high quality Japanese Cedar
  • Box Joint Mitered corners
  • Sliding lid that converts to your Backdrop of Badassery
  • Awesome logo of Battle Board Studios

What’s in the Box Already!

Removable Insert

Choose between a blank insert or a “Super Duper” raised plateau. The raised plateau has an interchangeable wall section or steps. The walls and steps have been textured to look like stone. The super duper raised plateau is also sealed to make the foam extra durable.

You can easily add your own insert for your 2nd, 3rd or 4th armies.


Backdrop of Badassery

The box lid slides out and then stores vertically. Here you can put an Epic Picture showing off the Badassery of your army with the supplied velcro tabs. See FAQ below for what size to print your “Pictures”

Handle of Carrying

This standard handle allows you to carry this awesome board with not two, but just one hand. Closed of course, unless you’re part of the “Barely Balanced Crew”. The handle is NOT attached but comes with the Mounting hardware. Who am I to tell you how to carry your Battle Board.

Just Spacers

You didn’t think the insert just magically floated to the top did you? HA! Inside the kit are 4 spacers to raise your display insert from the Depths of Shadow to a Glorious Revelation for all to witness….or something like that.

“Super Duper”Insert Full
“Super Duper” Insert Travel
Blank Insert
Handle of Carrying & Velcro Tabs
Just Spacers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Big do I print my “Backdrop Pictures” and where can I get them from?
    Full size: 22.5″ wide x 17.25 tall
    Travel size: 22.5″ wide x 13.25″ tall
    I was able to print these custom sizes at
  • Do you sell extra inserts? Sure do, they’re in the “Shop” just add it to your cart during check out. They are only available during purchase of a Display Box though. Trust me you don’t want to pay shipping for just an insert.
  • How do I put it on my rolling cart? Ahh yes the Cart of Carrying, how lovely they are. Its super easy. Just build a 2″x4″ rectangle to fit your cart dimensions and place your awesome Battle Board on top. I have a more in-depth video on my “How To” page.
  • How do I build the display? Skys the limit! However I do have a complete video series on my “How To” page that shows you all the basics.
  • What is the size of the insert? the overall dimensions are just over an inch smaller than the outside of the box. A 24″ wide would be just under 23″ wide and so on.
  • How tall are the spacers? I cut the spacers so the insert sits about 1/2″ into the display so your models don’t go tumbling off
  • How much room do I have for terrain inside the box? TONS! The inside height closed is right at 4″. If you have tall pieces like statues etc just lay them on their side.
  • Do you make custom inserts? Absolutely! The box still needs to close though so we’re limited in height around 4″. Of course any terrain can sit on top of it.
  • Do you ship to other countries? I mean if you’re willing to pay the shipping costs sure why not. I don’t recommend carrier pigeons though.